Alarm Systems

Mantrac Security Systems provide state-of-the-art technology, trained professionals, and proven solutions to prevent theft, minimise inventory losses and monitor and maintain critical systems. Whether it’s an alarm system, back to base monitoring or personal security system you require, rest assured that we have it covered.

Our commitment is to find the most suitable solution for you. Because we maintain relationships with leading equipment manufacturers and install only the highest quality, most versatile products, we offer you the full power of today’s most advanced technology backed by a team of experienced and highly skilled security professionals.

Mantrac Security Systems can secure your business or your home from the first point of contact through to continuing maintenance support. We pride ourselves on our reputation, first class technicians and being one of the market leaders in Auckland.

Our aim is to give you the best experience, at a competitive price with outstanding aftercare that cannot be matched. Whether a small apartment, Large Home or commercial premise. Mantrac Security Systems offers a range of different intruder systems to suit your individual needs. These systems range from audible only to a range of monitored systems, which are linked to Professional Central Monitoring Stations.

With technology moving forwards so quickly we have an extensive range of equipment specifically designed to provide solutions to all situations.

Passive Infrared Detectors
A Passive Infrared burglar alarm reacts when a change of temperature passes through a background of a fixed temperature. A burglar alarm signals when the unit measures a change in energy caused by an intruder.

Magnetic Reed Switches
Used to protect storage spaces, garages and doors; a magnetic reed switch is a very effective way to protect an entrance. A sealed reed switch and magnet are paired together on either side of the protected entryway and upon their separation, an alarm signal will occur.

Glass Break Detectors
Glass break detectors work by responding to the sound or shockwave produced by glass breaking. An alarm will signal when the unit recognises the distinct sound of glass breaking. It is important to note that equal coverage should be provided to all panes of glass to ensure maximum security intruder detection.

Seismic Detectors
When used on vaults or safes, seismic detectors can provide a high level of security to protect against invasion. Also called vibration detectors, they react to energy expended by a structure when an intruder is attempting to gain entry. An alarm sensor can detect drilling of surfaces, or a hammer like impact on a ridged surface.

Hold Up Burglar Alarms
This range of devices can include hold-up buttons, money clips, remote control and fixed panic buttons. All of these devices are kept in a discreet location.

Smoke Detectors
Unlike battery-powered detectors available in hardware stores, hardwired smoke detectors use a more advanced analytical system to detect invisible or visible smoke particles in the area in which they are located. These detectors are also monitored to ensure effective operation, so you never have to worry about failure.

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